Seller FAQs

Useful information for sellers

We make it easy for New Zealand honey producers to connect with buyers, handling processing, sale, shipment and payment for a stress-free selling experience.

We can take your honey, store it, and solve any challenges, including moisture reduction, honey thermalising, filtering, blending, Mānuka growth storage, and chilling of matured Mānuka to minimise further HMF growth, and DHA to MGO conversion.

Our honey is stored in a scientifically-monitored, safe, smart storage facility. Every product that passes through our site leaves perfectly presented and ready to on-sell.

Yes. Once you’ve handed your product to us, we can take care of the rest. Sale, shipment, and payment are all sorted.

Yes. Whether you’ve produced a bucket of honey or hundreds of drums, we can connect you with local and international bulk buyers.

Monofloral Mānuka, Multi Floral Mānuka, Kanuka, Bush, Rewarewa, Kamahi, Beechwood, Honeydew, Wild Flower, Lavender, Clover, Rata, Tawari, Pohutukawa, Thyme, from any New Zealand region, in any volume.

Mānuka Orchard takes a sliding scale commision of honey sales, starting from as little as 10 cents p/kg.

We’re confident you’ll make more money per kilo working with us than by going it alone.

We ensure your honey is used in sought-after blends and can meet buyers’ quality control standards.

Mānuka Orchard recommends you insure your goods for shipping to and from our site and for the duration of storage.

Our fees vary, depending on whether you need Honey Extraction, Super Storage, Honey Storage.

There are separate fees for Honey Drying, Drum Core Sampling, Honey Blending, Honey Filtration, and Honey Packing.

For a full breakdown of our prices and services please download our 2022 Orchard Price List.

All our prices exclude GST and are subject to change.