FAQs for buyers

Useful information for honey buyers

Head to our homepage. There, you’ll find an interactive online sales platform to explore our wide range of honey from hives across New Zealand.

Found a honey or hive site you like? Submit your order from our website, or email or phone us.

Once your purchase has been submitted, Mānuka Orchard will contact you to discuss shipping and storage requirements, then we’ll send you an invoice.

Invoice payment should be made within 7 days of receiving the invoice, or the honey will be re-listed.

There is no minimum or maximum quantities.

Yes. We only select the drums you require for your formulation, as long as the seller agrees to your offer.

Yes. If we have extracted the honey we use 150 micron mesh as standard. If we have processed the honey, we use 400 micron mesh as standard. We can adjust mesh size to suit the requirements of our customers.

We can also warm honey, while adding only 1-3 HMF mg/pkg.

Yes. We can efficiently warm honey to remove crystals with minimal damage to the honey quality if required.

Yes. Our onsite moisture reduction unit blows warm dry air over the honey. This is done in a controlled environment and at a temperature below 40 degrees. Our equipment is designed by our team at Mānuka Engineering to be as close to the natural process as possible.

In the maturing process of Mānuka honey we see natural sugar crystals forming in the honey. These crystals do not hold high moisture content. These crystals expel the extra moisture into the remaining honey and increases its moisture content.

This can raise the moisture content by a few percent in the remaining liquid honey, triggering fermentation to begin in the top layer of honey exposed to oxygen in the drum. The reduction of moisture to 17% before any fermentation has started sees a more stable and safe product in storage for the maturation period. We clearly state which honey has gone through this process.

Yes. EU Listed.