About Manuka Orchard

Welcome to Mānuka Orchard

Kia ora and welcome to Mānuka Orchard.

We’re Logan and Tania Bowyer. We set up Mānuka Orchard in 2018 to help small and large New Zealand honey makers bring their products to the world.

Mānuka Orchard is New Zealand’s centralised honey storage facility. We operate a state-of-the-art site for sellers to store and manage honey, and an accessible online platform for domestic and international buyers.

Our expertise

With a background in honey manufacturing and engineering, Logan set up the company in 2018 to give small beekeeping businesses easy access to the very best storage, processing, and manufacturing technologies.

As a family-owned, independent company, Mānuka Orchard provides a bridge between beekeepers looking to process and sell their honey and buyers seeking pure, authenticated, traceable New Zealand honey in bulk.

Through our new online sales platform, we can show buyers what honey is produced by our beekeepers, down to the finest details, including grades, quality, and volumes.

Based in the heart of the Bay of Plenty, our secure storage facility offers beekeepers a reliable, efficient solution for managing and selling honey. Our experts store honey safely under one roof until it finds a new home.

How we can help

Our dedicated team is on hand to help beekeepers optimise their most valuable asset with a wide range of Smart Honey Services. Our goal is to help sellers get the most out of their hard work and match buyers with the perfect honey producing hive.

Mānuka Orchard also owns Mānuka Engineering, a Kiwi company that designs, installs, and manages innovative machinery for honey extraction, processing, and packing facilities.

We have a passion for great New Zealand honey and connecting buyers and sellers. It’s never been easier to find great buyers, or access premium New Zealand honey in bulk.

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